Add another one to the list

It started with a headache when I ate soft cheeses and cheese spread.

Then it was migraines.

Then it was migraines also with hard cheeses, but only if I ate too much.

On Saturday I got a migraine after eating a can of spaghettios, which apparently contains milk. Then I ate a granola bar with a milk-containing frosting drizzle (which was the only snack I had packed) and my face was flushed.

We already deal with a mild milk allergy by using rice milk and occasionally using rice cheese, but in general we use real milk products all the time...in granola bars, spice packets for boxed food, butter, chocolate chips, frozen pizza.

Looks like the shopping list just got more complicated.


Unbalanced Reaction said...

I didn't know there was such a thing as rice cheese. Where do you get it? Where do you typically shop?

Chemical Kitchen said...

I usually get rice cheese at Dierberg's, but Whole Foods also carries it. It does contain casein, which (I think) still makes it unusable for someone with a severe milk allergy. Most of the time we just shop at Schnuck's and Costco because we are buying vegetables (just not legumes), pasta and rice.